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  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Trusopt Eyedrop Pipettes
  • Trusopt Eyedrops
  • 2%-5 ML
  • 2%-UD 0.2ml
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Trusopt Eyedrops - dorzolamide hcl - 2%-5 ML - 1 Pack Trusopt Eyedrops dorzolamide hcl Brand United Kingdom 2%-5 ML 1 Pack DR $36.56 Add
Trusopt Eyedrop Pipettes - dorzolamide hcl - 2%-UD 0.2ml - 60 Pipettes Trusopt Eyedrops/​Trusopt Eyedrop Pipettes dorzolamide hcl Brand United Kingdom 2%-UD 0.2ml 60 Pipettes DR $97.99 Add
Trusopt Eyedrops - dorzolamide hcl - 2%-5 ML - 1 PAK Trusopt Eyedrops dorzolamide hcl Brand New Zealand 2%-5 ML 1 PAK RX $47.00 Add
Trusopt Eyedrops - Dorzolamide HCL - 2%-5 ML - 3 PAK Trusopt Eyedrops Dorzolamide HCL Brand New Zealand 2%-5 ML 3 PAK RX $77.00 Add

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