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Restandol - testosterone - 40mg - 60 Capsules Restandol testosterone Brand United Kingdom 40mg 60 Capsules DR $105.26 -

Some of the items on this page may be marked "Requires Authorization". Why's this? Kiwi must verify the customer's medical history in order to ensure the medication is necessary and used according the direction of a licensed medical practitioner. If you have already demonstrated this, then you may be able to view this product. If not, please email us using the contact page. Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional. Brands and generics both contain the same active ingredient(s) and are medically equivalent. Some brands are marketed under different names by the same manufacturing country depending on the country of origin.

Testosterone pills (testosterone undecanoate) are most frequently used to slow or reverse the symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men, a condition called hypogonadism.

Testosterone is crucial for the development and maintenance of male attributes:
  • Facial and body hair
  • Muscle mass
  • Deep voice
  • Sex drive
  • Sexual organ function
  • Fertility
  • Strength and endurance
  • Mental or emotional stability
Hypogonadism, resulting from chronically low concentrations of testosterone, describes the reduction of all the above characteristics; loss of facial hair, erectile dysfunction, depression or mood swings, and so forth.

Fortunately, with testosterone replacement therapies, hypogonadism can be reversed and male attributes restored. Note, however, that low testosterone is not the only cause of the above symptoms, and too much testosterone can be as harmful as too little. Do not buy testosterone pills to treat hypogonadism unless the condition has been diagnosed by a doctor; tests are simple and not very costly.

Testosterone Replacement with Pills

Testosterone replacement therapy is a common treatment, and as such a variety of treatment options are available. Testosterone pills are one of those options, along with patches, topical gels or creams, and injections. Each option has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, though the general mechanism -- and ultimate results -- are all very similar.

Testosterone pills are somewhat unique among administration options in that the active ingredient is testosterone undecanoate, while other treatments contain just testosterone. Testosterone undecanoate is actually a hormone similar to testosterone, which is metabolized into testosterone after absorption. Pure testosterone, when consumed orally, is largely neutralized by the liver before the body can utilize it, and the neutralization action can cause liver damage. Testosterone undecanoate is absorbed into the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver and thus improving both effectiveness and safety.

The decision to buy testosterone pills over other administration options is usually a matter personal preference:
  • Pills are safer for other members of the household as there's less risk of accidental contact.
  • Pills are more convenient to use, particularly away from home, than gels or injections.
  • Pills can be taken much more discreetly than injections, gels or patches.
  • Effects from pills are usually subtler, making it less apparent to others that treatment is occuring.
  • Pills generally have fewer side effects, and what side effects do occur are usually milder.
 Administrating Oral Testosterone

In pill form this medication is available in a variety of brand names, as well as generics. The vast majority are essentially the same in that each pill contains 40 mg of testosterone undecanoate.

Taking the medication is also the same:
  • Treatment begins with 120 to 160 mg daily, usually reduced to 40 to 120 mg daily after several weeks of treatment.
  • Each daily dose, if consisting of more than one tablet, should be divided into a morning and evening dose, 12 hours apart.
  • If taking just one pill, it should be taken in the morning; if an uneven number of pills, the larger dose in the morning.
  • Do not chew, crush, split or otherwise damage pills.
  • Take after a meal to prevent stomach upset.
Treatment will frequently span years, unless the underlying cause of the deficiency is corrected. Regular doctor visits to ensure the medication is working properly, and that no adverse reactions are developing, are a good idea for the duration of treatment.

Testosterone Pills You can Trust

Kiwi Drug sells only authentic, quality medications from legitimate manufacturers. Without the overhead of a traditional pharmacy, we're able to offer these products at discount prices.

You will need a prescription to buy testosterone pills from Kiwi Drug. If you don't have one, our online doctor may be able to issue one for you for no additional charge. To see if you qualify, or to submit an existing prescription, simply follow the instructions presented during check-out.

Sotera Chelini


Hi! Wondering...My testosterone levels are very low & if I wanted to order this, how does that work with the your online doctor?

Feb 16, 2018

Richard Covington


I love it. It really works. I didn't think that this form of testosterone would be as effective as the testosterone gel but it is. What's more is that it's more affordable.

Feb 3, 2013

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