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  • Nicobloc
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Nicobloc - drops - 52gm - 1 PACK Nicobloc drops Brand New Zealand 52gm 1 PACK OTC $70.00 Add
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Nicobloc - drops - 52gm - 3 PACK Nicobloc drops Brand New Zealand 52gm 3 PACK OTC $160.00 Add

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NicoBloc is a smoking cessation aid which can also be used to simply cut down on smoking and eliminate some of the harmful adverse effects. It contains simple, natural ingredients with no known side effects despite being in use since the 1990s.

This product is suitable for all ages.

What NicoBloc Is

NicoBloc is a fluid, a mixture of water, sugar, and citric acid. It is applied in drops to the filter on the end of a cigarette. One to three drops are applied to each cigarette, depending on intent and duration of use.

Each vial of NicoBloc contains enough drops for a person to treat 20 cigarettes per day with one drop for two weeks. At two drops per cigarette a single vial will treat 20 cigarettes per day for one week, and so forth.

Filtered cigarettes are required for this method.

There are two primary methods of using NicoBloc:

  • To quit smoking, patients start off applying one drop of NicoBloc to each cigarette filter for a period of time---usually at least one week---then move up to two drops per cigarette for a period of time, then up to three drops, and then quit.
  • To cut back on smoking patients typically apply just one or two drops per cigarette and continue smoking indefinitely.

NicoBloc works by trapping nicotine and tar in the fluid administered to the filter; each drop blocks about 33 percent, so two drops blocks 66 percent and three drops blocks 99 percent. Note that other chemicals will not be blocked, though tar and nicotine are perhaps the most significant substances of concern with regard to smoking.

The idea behind NicoBloc is, with nicotine being gradually reduced, cigarettes gradually become less rewarding. Starting with one drop, the nicotine reduction is not so severe that patients develop cravings and smoke more or become averse to using NicoBloc. As with any quitting program, the patient must want to quit to succeed.

An equal number of patients use NicoBloc to simply reduce smoking, with no intention or particular desire to quit. All patients using NicoBloc will receive less tar and nicotine; even if using just one drop per cigarette; this is very often significant enough for patients to notice a difference after a week or two or treatment. Lung capacity is somewhat improved, chronic coughing is reduced, and so forth.

In controlled studies, about 60 percent of patients using NicoBloc were able to quit. A significant number of others were able to reduce daily cigarette consumption.

How to Use NicoBloc

Each vial of NicoBloc is designed to help apply the fluid; the nozzle of the vial is used to create a dent in the filter where drops are applied.

Administration is simple but it's important to follow steps:

  • Press the bottle nozzle into the filter to make an indentation.
  • Apply a single drop of NicoBloc.
  • Gently squeeze the filter a few times to help it absorb the NicoBloc. The nozzle can also be used to spread the fluid around if needed.
  • If applying more than one drop repeat the above steps for each drop, allowing each drop to be absorbed before applying the next.
  • Once finished, light the cigarette and inhale strongly. After the first strong puff, the cigarette can be smoked like usual.

NicoBloc will dry out after about 15 minutes, making it nearly impossible to draw smoke through the filter. Because of this NicoBloc should be applied to individual cigarettes immediately prior to smoking them; do not try to pre-apply drops for later use.

Detailed instructions are included with each package. While the above instructions may sound a little complicated, it really is a simple process that makes much more sense when tried.


While NicoBloc is generally highly rated, there is a segment of smokers who are less-than-impressed with this product. The most common complaint is difficulty in smoking once drops are applied; some users claim it makes filters sticky and thick, too thick to draw through.

The second-most common complaint is that it simply doesn't work---that patients were unable to quit or cut back on cigarettes. This is a problem with any cessation method, and does not take into account the reduced tar and nicotine inhaled, even if smoking levels remain normal.

The third-most common complaint is difficulty of application. It is not easy (or safe!) to do while driving, for example; and it does take up extra time that may not be available during limited smoke breaks, and so forth.

There is surely some validity to the above complaints, as there are valid complaints with any quitting program. Smokers who, for example, spend a great deal of time on the road may want to consider alternative products. But NicoBloc does have a great track record with respect to both quitting and cutting back, and may be worth a try for the majority of smokers.

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