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  • India
  • KZ Cream
  • 2% - 30 G
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KZ Cream - ketoconazole - 2% - 30 G - 1 EA Nizoral Cream/​KZ Cream ketoconazole Brand India 2% - 30 G 1 EA DR $19.99 Add
KZ Cream - ketoconazole - 2% - 30 G - 3 EA Nizoral Cream/​KZ Cream ketoconazole Brand India 2% - 30 G 3 EA DR $49.99 Add
KZ Cream - ketoconazole - 2% - 30 G - 10 EA Nizoral Cream/​KZ Cream ketoconazole Brand India 2% - 30 G 10 EA DR $129.99 Add

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KZ Cream (ketoconazole) is a topical antifungal treatment that helps clear up a wide range of fungal infections on the skin. While it is effective on fungal infections of the nails and scalp, other formulations---such as tinctures or shampoos---are typically preferred.

The cream quickly alleviates symptoms of a fungal infection; itchiness, soreness, and visible effects are significantly reduces just a few days after starting treatment. It is important, however, to continue treatment until the course is complete; ending early can cause the infection to resurge and contributes to resistant fungi. A full course of treatment typically lasts two to four weeks, though it may take a bit longer.

KZ Cream is often used to treat:

  • Athlete's foot
  • Jock itch
  • Ringworm
  • External thrush
  • Tinea versicolor
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Certain yeast infections

As topical creams are applied only to the skin, the risk of side effects is very low. KZ Cream can be used on children provided a doctor has given approval, though it may be applied less frequently and for a shorter duration than in adults.

Using KZ Cream

KZ cream is simple to use; simply cover the infected area, and small portion of surrounding healthy skin, with a thin layer of cream. Frequency of administration is once or twice per day, depending on doctor instructions, the condition, and its severity.

Some other things to keep in mind to ensure fast, effective healing:

  • KZ Cream should not be applied to mucous membranes, open wounds, or skin with a bacterial, viral, or unknown infection.
  • The application site should not be covered with airtight dressings or clothing.

Most infections are completely resolved after two weeks of treatment, though some more serious infections may extend to four weeks. Seborrheic dermatitis treatment is almost always four weeks.

If in doubt as to the length of treatment, it should continue for 10 days following the resolution of all symptoms. This ensures any lingering quantities of fungi are completely eradicated.

If the infection is not resolved after four weeks of treatment, or if it worsens at any point during treatment, a doctor should be consulted. It may be that the infection is resistant to KZ Cream, or is perhaps not fungal, or is complicated by a bacterial or viral infection. There are many possibilities, and many alternative treatments that may prove more useful if KZ Cream isn't working well.

Treatment can be repeated in the future if a new infection develops.

Safety & Side Effects

Used properly, there are virtually no risks of severe or dangerous adverse effects from KZ Cream. Applied topically, little of the cream is absorbed into the bloodstream, and there are no particular concerns about it interacting with other medications. Ingestion is another matter, however; if the cream is ingested---including if pets ingest the cream---emergency medical attention should be sought.

The vast majority of side effects occur at the application site:

  • Mild burning, stinging, or tingling sensation during application
  • Dry skin at or around application site
  • Other mild irritation at or around application site

The above are not cause for concern unless they become severe.

Rarely more serious side effects may develop at the application site, including:

  • Blistering or bleeding
  • Redness, swelling or pain
  • Rash, itching or hives

While unlikely to be dangerous, if the above symptoms do develop discontinue use of KZ Cream until speaking with a doctor. If the above become severe enough to be alarming, seek medical attention.

KZ Cream really is a safe product, however, and the vast majority of patients use it without issue:

  • Safe for use in pregnant or nursing mothers. If applying the cream to breasts to treat thrush, be sure the medication is washed off before allowing a baby to nurse.
  • Safe for use in individuals with liver damage or other preexisting conditions which prevent use of oral antifungals.
  • Safe for use with other medications, supplements, and foods. The one exception here may be other medicated topical products applied to the same area of skin.

Following simple instructions---do not apply more than twice per day, do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes, do not cover with airtight dressings---most KZ Cream patients will completely resolve their fungal infection in just two to four weeks, with no or minimal side effects.

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