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Arimidex - anastrozole - 1mg - 28 Tablets Arimidex anastrozole Generic United Kingdom 1mg 28 Tablets DR $49.73 Add
Arimidex - anastrozole - 1mg - 28 Tablets Arimidex anastrozole Brand United Kingdom 1mg 28 Tablets DR $230.18 Add
Anastroz - anastrozole - 1mg - 50 Tablets Arimidex/​Anastroz anastrozole Brand India 1mg 50 Tablets DR $49.99 Add
Anastroz - anastrozole - 1mg - 100 Tablets Arimidex/​Anastroz anastrozole Brand India 1mg 100 Tablets DR $99.99 Add

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional. Brands and generics both contain the same active ingredient(s) and are medically equivalent. Some brands are marketed under different names by the same manufacturing country depending on the country of origin.

Arimidex (generic name: anastrozole) is one of the most highly-recommended anti-cancer therapy medications to women who suffer from early breast cancer during their postmenopausal years. It is considered adjuvant therapy - a healing measure that is taken in addition to primary treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After you go through primary treatment, there may still be cancer cells that need taking care of, and this is where Arimidex comes in. This drug is taken regularly in order to maximize its effects. If you are taking Arimidex, or are about to take it, be sure to know that you may suffer from some Arimidex side effects... though some of these side effects are considered quite common.

Arimidex side effects would include: diarrhea or constipation, nausea and/or vomiting, fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, hot flashes, loss of appetite, rash and vaginal dryness. Because nausea and headache could be quite common as side effects, be careful when driving or operating heavy machinery when using this drug. Weight gain and water retention is a natural side effect of this drug, but for the most part it could be combated with daily light exercise and light but healthy eating. Stiffness and pain in the muscle and joints could also be expected. You may experience other sensations that are not listed here. You may continue taking Arimidex, but make it a point to tell your doctor about the things you feel during the period of your therapy.

You may also experience some serious side effects, brought on by an allergic reaction. If these occur, it may mean that you are allergic to this medicine; Seek emergency medical help immediately. Some serious side effects include: swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or the general area of the face, difficulty breathing (perhaps with a sensation of your windpipe closing), or hives.

There are as yet no known interactions between this drug and other substances. But just to be on the safe side, inform your doctor if you are taking any other medications, or are planning to take them alongside your Arimidex therapy. There are no warnings in relation to food and beverages either, but it is still best to observe the diet that your doctor or nutritionist recommends.

Arimidex may be used for other medical purposes, but if it has not been suggested by your doctor, do not use it for any purpose besides adjuvant therapy for localized breast cancer. If you are premenopausal, don't use this drug for the treatment of breast cancer, no matter what stage, without the approval of your physician.

Keep this medicine out of reach of children. Overdose is highly unlikely, but if you suspect that a large amount of this medicine has been ingested, call a poison control center or contact the nearest emergency medical facility at once.

It is very important to take Arimidex regularly. Even if you should feel that the less serious Arimidex side effects have started to become a major inconvenience, do not stop taking this medicine without first consulting your doctor.

Jack Hartwell


This product description should, rightfully, include a discussion regarding the consideration of using the product in male hormone control as well as women. As men age, their bodies testosterone supp...lies start to drop off sharply. One reason is that their bodies are not making as much to begin with. The second reason, and one under consideration here, is the increase in aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen which creates adverse conditions in men such erectile disfunction, low T levels, increase in belly fat, etc. No medical person I have tried to have this discussion with seems to possess sufficient knowledge to speak intelligently about this subject let alone be able to diagnose and prescribe meds such as Arimindex to control the aromatase and change the homone balance in men. Pretty sad statement regarding American urology education.

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Jun 26, 2018

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