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  • United Kingdom
  • Invicorp
  • 25mcg/2mg
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Invicorp - aviptadil/phentolamine mesilate - 25mcg/2mg - 1 Pack of 0.35ml Invicorp aviptadil/phentolamine mesilate Brand United Kingdom 25mcg/2mg 1 Pack of 0.35ml DR $42.21 Add
Invicorp - aviptadil/phentolamine mesilate - 25mcg/2mg - 5 Pack of 0.35ml Invicorp aviptadil/phentolamine mesilate Brand United Kingdom 25mcg/2mg 5 Pack of 0.35ml DR $158.28 Add

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Invicorp (aviptadil, phentolamine) is a fast-acting treatment for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). It will allow men to achieve an erection 5 to 15 minutes after administration, and lasts for about one hour. This helps restore confidence and can help form and maintain bonds with partners, among other benefits.

To be clear, this product is administered by injection directly into the penis. Many men find the idea of such injections a daunting prospect, but using small, fine needles really does make the procedure painless. After the first few administrations the majority of men don't mind the procedure at all.

Unused Invicorp should be stored in the fridge. It can be injected immediately after removal from the fridge, or it may be allowed to sit out until it warms to room temperature, if desired, which should be complete within 30 minutes. Doses should not be frozen.

Invicorp should not be administered to men below age 18 without explicit doctor approval, and should never be administered to young boys who have not yet acheived sexual maturity.

How Invicorp Works

Invicorp, like other injectable ED treatments, is typically recommended when tablets or jellies cannot be used or fail to produce good results. Invicorp is effective in most cases regardless of the underlying cause of ED, due to its two active ingredients:

  • Aviptadil is a vasoactive intestinal polypeptide which helps slow the outflow of blood from the penis, making erections firm and lasting.
  • Phentolamine is a short-acting alpha-adrenoceptor antagonist which allows blood to flow into the penis more readily, allowing an erection to form and be maintained.

Both of the above medications produce the same effects if used independently, but are unlikely to help treat ED if not used together. Combined the two ingredients work very well for the majority of men, upwards of 75 percent in multiple trials, regardless of the underlying cause of ED.

Some stimulation---either mental or physical---is needed for an erection to form; Invicorp will not spontaneously produce erections.


The first dose of Invicorp, as well as preparing the syringe, is ideally done with supervision by a healthcare worker. Though simple, preparing the medication for injection must be done with care, as well as choosing an injection site. Medical supervision is also ideal for the first injection in case the patient has a negative reaction. If at all possible, supervision of the first dose is encouraged before buying Invicorp for administration at home.

Frequency of use and dosage amount is also restricted without explicit doctor approval:

  • Do not exceed the standard dose of 25 mcg phentolamine and 2 mg aviptadil.
  • Do not administer more than one injection in a 24 hour period.
  • Do not administer more than three injections in 7 days.

Each Invicorp ampule contains a single dose, consisting of 25 mcg phentolamine and 2 mg aviptadil. A doctor will sometimes advise a patient to use more than the standard dose or to administer it more often, but again this should not be attempted without explicit doctor approval.

The resulting erection should not be painful or last for hours. If pain is experienced or if the erection persists for more than 4 hours, seek medical attention. Failure to do so can cause permanent damage to the penis.

Though rare, some patients will experience severe symptoms including rapid heart beat, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and heart attack, which can be fatal. Stop using Invivorp and seek emergency medical attention if the above symptoms, or any other alarming symptoms, are experienced.

Men with penile implants, physical injuries, or abnormalities of the penis should speak to a doctor before using Invicorp.

Using Invicorp

Invicorp is quite easy to use once familiar with it. As mentioned above, ideally a patient will seek medical attention prior to using the product, in which case a healthcare worker will walk the patient through the syringe set-up and administration procedures.

If using the syringe that comes with Invicorp:

  • Wash and dry hands.
  • Open an ampule and place it on a clean surface.
  • Attach the longer needle to the syringe and use it to withdraw the ampule fluid.
  • Remove the longer needle and attach the shorter needle.
  • With the needle pointing up, tap the syringe so any air bubbles in the fluid rise to the top.
  • Press the plunger a little to remove the air; continue until a few drops of medication come out.
  • The syringe is now ready to use; injection is done with the shorter needle, not the longer one.

To inject Invicorp:

  • The medication should be injected into the cavernous tissue of the penis; it should not be injected directly into visible blood vessels or the urinary tract. Either the left or right sides of the penis are ideal injection sites.
  • Wash and dry the administration area. This is important to avoid infection.
  • If using the syringe that comes with Invicorp, the shorter needle should be inserted halfway.
  • Press the plunger steadily until all the fluid is injected.
  • Remove the syringe.

Invicorp should be injected 10 to 20 minutes prior to intimacy. Effects last about one hour, with some individual variation.

The injection process should be painless, though some individuals will experience slight discomfort when inserting or removing the needle. It may leave slight bruising at the injection site, which can usually be resolved by applying pressure for a couple of moments immediately following the injection. Slight bruising is not a medical concern.

Most men who try Invicorp find the medication quickly alleviates ED, allowing them to restore confidence and take back the bedroom. Regardless of the cause of ED---emotional, physical, side effect of other medications, or some combination---Invicorp will most likely work, and men denied sex due to ED may find this product tremendously beneficial.

A. Leon


I have tried it 2 times already, and it feels as amazing as having a full erection when I was 17. Unlike Alprostadil, sexual stimulation is required to achieve erection so it feels greatly natural. My... full erection lasted over 1 hour, and even after orgasm, my penis was still semi and engorged, which my partner loved to look at after sex.

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Nov 18, 2019

General Peay


Recently ordered and used the med- works great- slight pain when injection, but I had a very firm and long lasting erection-highly recommend,

Oct 21, 2019



Works pretty well and has same effect like alprostatil injection but costs much less. Unlike alprostadil you feel slightly pain in the penis but still acceptable.

Sep 10, 2019

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