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Vapor electronic cigarettes are lithium battery operated replicas of the traditional cigarette. The smoker is provided the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette without the tar, smell and the cost – an affordable convenient alternative to the traditional cigarette without having the risks to your health and having more cash in your wallet. Vapor electronic cigarettes are available for you at

Vapor electronic cigarettes also known as the ( e-cig or the e-cigarette)
offers the smoker the comforting freedom of smoking virtually anywhere and not having the lingering smell of
second hand smoke.

Smoking vapor electronic cigarettes gives the smoker the nicotine and none of the
harmful ingredients of a cigarette that can do damage to your lungs., your teeth are whiter and
you will experience the same physical satisfaction of a real cigarette; just think of all the money you
could save and the benefits to your health

Vapor electronic cigarettes consist of several parts: a chamber, a cartridge and a micro processor. A small bright light lights up at the tip of a vapor electronic cigarette - looks like a real cigarette when it is lit. The chamber produces a vapour; resembling the smoke from a cigarette, but without the smell that you would get from burning tobacco. You still get the satisfying flavour and the nicotine when you inhale vapor electronic cigarettes.

Who invented vapor electronic cigarettes?

Vapor electronic cigarettes were invented in China by a Chinese practitioner by the name of Hon Lik.

When were vapor electronic cigarettes invented?
• Hon Lik invented the vapor electronic cigarette in 2003 – in honor of his father who suffered the effects of lung cancer. Himself being a smoker , came up with an idea and a possible solution.... to help the smoker kick the habit.

Hon Lik`s invention got produced and then marketed throughout different locations of the world.

The ingredients of the e-cig consist of nicotine and non-nicotine dosage and there is a possibility that you may experience side effects from the vapor.

Nicotine is not only found in tobacco but is found in some vegetable plants, like a green pepper, or a potato, it`s even found in the tomato. The levels are minimal.

The stimulation that a person experiences are from the small doses of nicotine. You feel relaxed and that feeling could last for hours. The vapor electronic cigarette has been referred by some of the public as the health cigarette. The nicotine is found in a traditional cigarette and the vapor electronic cigarette.

A smoker is finding that cigarette prices are constantly rising higher; cigarettes are getting more expensive. This replica could put cash back in your wallet and be a benefit to your overall health and well being. Just think, no more burning, no ashes falling, the smell is eliminated.

Vapor electronic cigarettes are an affordable replacement of the real traditional cigarette, not only is it affordable..... but this invention could save you thousands of dollars every year and is found on
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