The Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes are products used as nicotine replacement therapy, created for the purpose of helping makers kick the habit. The use of electronic cigarettes is significantly safer than the use of tobacco containing cigarettes mainly because they do not contain the chemicals and debris found in tobacco.

One component found in electronic cigarettes that has raised much concern is diethylene glycol. There is reported evidence however, that diethylene glycol is rarely found in electronic cigarettes and that even when it is, it is in levels that are no more dangerous than those found in regular cigarettes.

There are claims that the liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes can be harmful in large amounts. Too much liquid nicotine in the mouth can make you physically sick; reports claim that this can happen if you take a particularly long drag from an electronic cigarette. When taking a drag from an electronic cigarette, you should not suck too hard so as to prevent the liquid nicotine from getting inside your mouth. You should take a drag as directed by each particular manufacturer. Makers of the products and other experts say that the liquid nicotine found in these products is not harmful if the product is used correctly and only for a temporary amount of time (less than 20 yrs). The nicotine that comes with electronic cigarettes is optional; there are e-cigarettes that are only comprised of water vapor and they can be just as useful in helping someone stop smoking.

The presence of Tetramethylpyrazine in electronic cigarettes can cause certain brain damage. Exposure to this chemical for a prolonged period of time can be hazardous. It is believed, however, that as with diethylene glycol, the levels of this chemical will not be harmful if the product is used properly and temporarily. It has yet to be proven that electronic cigarettes lead to a higher risk of cancer. The nicotine can potentially cause heart problems, even though it is in trace amounts. .

Electronic cigarettes do not require the burning of tobacco and therefore smokers are no longer inhaling highly harmful chemicals into their systems. The carcinogen levels are low if not non-existent in electronic cigarettes, potentially lowering the risk of cancer. Most manufacturers offer the cartridges in decreasing amounts of nicotine, giving users the ability to wean off of dependence and eventually quit smoking all together. If used as intended, electronic cigarettes have the potential to stop a smoker’s dependence on nicotine in a much safer way than smoking cigarettes. All in all, the jury is still out as to the overall effect and safety of electronic cigarettes. One thing is certain, if you stop smoking regular cigarettes to begin with, your health will improve and electronic cigarettes pose a far lower health risk than regular cigarettes.
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