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Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarettes

Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes are marketed as “the smart smoking option.” The components advertised as used in the cigarettes’ cartridges are liquid nicotine, tobacco favoring and natural vegetable glycerine. We recommend our product to be used with a fully charged battery because this will ensure more flavor is delivered.

An independent laboratory has found that there are no hazardous substances in our products aside from nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive poison already found in regular tobacco containing cigarettes. Smoke Relief does not advertise our products as smoking cessation products. E-cigs are just a safer alternative to smoking for consumers who are tired of the dangers of tar and tobacco but are not ready to quit altogether. The glycerine in the products gives a sweet taste to the cigarettes but is said to be non-toxic. In the United Kingdom, smoking electronic cigarettes will not be in violation of the new no public smoking law.

User reviews save e-cigs smoke relief as easy to assemble and a cheap alternative to regular cigarettes. With cigarette prices continuing to increase, this is quite a life changing product. We have received very positive reviews as replacements to tobacco smoking. The benefits also include cleaner looking and smelling home and belongings as well as a reduced need to have a lighter on hand. These products are convenient, cheaper than regular cigarettes and are potentially safe alternatives to tobacco products.

Smoke relief e-cigs offers starter kits to help you begin your road to non-tobacco use. If you are used to menthol cigarettes, Smoke relief e-cigs are the thing for you. We offer menthol flavored electronic cigarette, though it is disposable and not rechargeable like their other products. Each cartridge that comes with these is reportedly the equivalent to a pack of regular cigarettes. Our rechargeable cartridges hold their tobacco flavored cartomizers and are also the equivalent to a single pack of cigarettes. We also offer flavors of cherry, vanilla and apple if you really want to change things up.

The absence of tobacco and tar in these products makes them a potentially preferable alternative to regular cigarettes as well as a legal way to get your smoking fix in a public place. Their recharge ability makes them a cheaper alternative to tobacco products. The nicotine found in these products is addictive and can pose a health risk if the product is not used correctly. Every product should be used as directed by the manufacturer. Electronic cigarettes have not been approved as a method of smoking cessation and smoke relief e-cigs do not advertise them as doing so. Some users have found them useful in the transition from tobacco products to non-smoking but there is on proven evidence that they will work in the same way for every user. Caution should be taken when considering the purchase of electronic cigarettes online we advise you only to purchase e-cigs from a well known online site like our own.

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