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Premium Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are smokeless devices that filter out smoke and toxic chemicals to replace a traditional cigarette. Premium electronic cigarettes are smoked in the same way as a regular cigarette but consist of water and vapor instead of actual smoke. A segment of the machine contains an atomizer which is a device that puts the nicotine into the alleged “smoke.” Addictive smoking requires somewhat of an oral fixation if the smoking habit is going to slow down and eventually come to a halt altogether. Not only are smokers addicted to the cigarettes but to the sensation of smoking in general. This device is an oral fixation that contains nicotine but without the smoke and hazardous chemicals. This is an effective and conventional product being that smoking is now banned in various locations throughout the US. This isn’t categorized as smoking because in actuality it’s the inhaling of water and vapor. You cannot whip out a cigarette in areas that ban them but you can smoke a premium electronic cigarette. More users are attempting to quit and are replacing their standard cigarette packs with one electronic replacement. Quitting can’t be done within the snap of a finger. It’s a prolonged and step by step process which is why the weaning off of tobacco and nicotine requires persistence; it’s a “mind over matter” milestone and it will require replacement habits. It’s convenient that with these products there isn’t second hand smoke which can lead to health problems among others on top of yourself. E-cigarettes don’t permit second hand smoke because they filter out all of the dangerous chemicals and toxins while sustaining its non flammability. There are starter kits available containing cartomizers that already have the atomizer built into them with a single battery and a battery recharger. It comes with a user’s manual that explains how it works and how each cartomizer is equal to one pack of cigarettes. It looks like a real cigarette and it feels like a real cigarette and it comes with a disposable mouth piece. Premium electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine so they can’t be purchased to anyone under the age of 18 and it isn’t recommended for anyone who isn’t addicted to cigarettes initially. If you are sensitive to nicotine then you should smoke a traditional cigarette versus an E-cigarette. The strength of nicotine within these varies depending on how much you want and when you will eventually wean off of the habit. There are more flavor options with these types of inhalants unlike traditional cigarettes which are either menthol, light, ultra light or regular. Chewing tobacco isn’t the next step in quitting cigarettes only because it can be just as addicting and just as hazardous, if not more. When you’re not inhaling tobacco and smoke you can avoid the leading problem of traditional cigarettes. These products cost around $40 per starter kit but can be used over and over with the use of disposable mouthpieces and a battery recharger.

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