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Electronic Cigarettes Reviews – Nicolites Under The Spotlight

Nicolites electronic cigarette reviews are difficult to come by when compared to other brands, which is a shame because it’s actually one of the better brands available.

I’ve reviewed a lot of different brands in the past, so much that I can usually tell before I even spark a new type of e-cig up if it’s likely to be a pleasant smoke or not. With the Nicolites, I could just tell that this was going to be a pleasure.

It seems that Nicolites have been well informed about other electronic cigarette reviews, and have quite simply taken the best aspects from all the other leading brands out there and put them together to make a device that is one of the best competitors of them all.

Why? Nicolites feature an exclusive design with a molded shape quite unique from any other. What are the advantages of this? Well, this new design allows for a long battery life, more water vapor and more reliability than basic designs will ever afford, meaning you get a much more satisfying and longer lasting smoke than ever before.

The price of Nicolites is also incredibly good. Compared to other electronic cigarette reviews, the starter pack for this brand costs a very reasonable £19.99, a price that very few other brands can match.

The starter pack contains everything needed to begin enjoying a healthier cigarette, including two high-powered cartomizers that each last for around 20 cigarettes, one rechargeable battery and also a USB charger that allows you to plug in and charge up your Nicolites electronic cigarette anywhere you go. In addition, you can choose the nicotine strength of the cartomizers you buy, with a choice of four (High, medium, low or zero nicotine).

Okay, but how do they taste? Obviously, having read a number of similar electronic cigarette reviews in the past, you’ll know that not all brands offer the same quality. Some of the cheaper brands are known to taste quite unlike regular cigarettes, instead tasting like perfume or something nasty. That is not the case with Nicolites. From the very first drag, I could tell that these were different. Nicolites smoke perfectly, allowing you to take in a nice, deep lungful of smoke – they ‘burn’ fast, but not too fast that the vapor is too hot of course, in fact, it seems to burn at just the right speed, allowing you to fill your lungs with the smoke-like vapor in just a few seconds.

As for the taste; Nicolites are spot on! I was amazed, having done so many electronic cigarette reviews before you can never be sure what to expect at that first puff, but these really blew me away. Of course they don’t taste exactly the same as real cigarettes, but I would say that Nicolites are about as close as it’s possible to get to the real thing.

The other main concern with any e-cigarette is the battery life – how long does it last, and more importantly, does it last the full day on just one charge? The answer is absolutely yes – the rechargeable battery lasts for a minimum 25 cigarettes, and because it comes with a portable USB charger, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be caught out anywhere for long enough that you completely drain the battery before you can charge it up again.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Nicolites are one of the best electronic cigarettes around, on a par with many of the better known brands available, the only difference being they are considerably cheaper!
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