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Read An Electronic Cigarettes Review and Enjoy the Benefits of this Healthy Smoke!

If you’re a smoker, then you’ll know all about the experience of smoking – the way they feel, holding it in your hand, that feeling after the first drag, the taste – it all adds up to one huge thing in your life that you just cannot live without. So when it comes to trying to quit, it’s this “experience” that makes it almost impossible for us to do so!

No doubt youÂ’re wondering then, after reading all these electronic cigarette review articles, could they really be the answer to your prayers?

There’s a good chance it could be. Smokeless cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, e-cigs – whatever you want to call them, they look just like the real thing, they offer the same “experience”, but they are completely different! You’ll know if you have read an electronic cigarette review exactly what I’m talking about when I say they function completely differently to normal cigarettes. E-cigs have a microchip inside them, and they don’t contain tobacco. Instead, they “vaporize” a nicotine-rich liquid solution, turning it into steam and it is this vapor that you actually smoke – therefore, no more bad breath, no more tobacco stains and no more health risks.

I’m a smoker myself, and so I can sympathize with anyone who is trying to give up. Indeed, I have tried to do so many times myself and failed each time, always reverting back to smoking after a few days or even just a few hours. My problem – I missed the experience of course. Simply cannot live without it.

After reading an electronic cigarette review however, I knew that I had found the answer. Now, I get the whole experience, IÂ’m still a smoker, but I donÂ’t have bad breath! The way e-cigs work is that they simulate the experience of puffing away on your favorite brand of MarlboroÂ’s or John PlayersÂ’ to perfection. You still get the nicotine, you still get the experience, but you are not smoking cigarettes anymore!

I suggest you read up on some electronic cigarette review articles and identify a decent brand, then give it a go. E-cigs are not expensive at all, far cheaper than real ciggies. Instead of buying packets of cigarettes like you did before, if you switch to smokeless cigarettes all you will need to do is order a supply of cartridges once or twice a month to make sure you have a plentiful supply. These cartridges last a really long time too – they are equivalent to about 20 packets of normal cigarettes, according to the electronic cigarette review posts I read, and believe me they do seem to last for quite a few days.

Giving up smoking is an idea that for me at least, is now achievable. With e-cigs, you can gradually cut down your nicotine intake while still enjoying the same experience of smoking that you miss so much when you try to quit using other methods. Now I’m a happy smoker, one who doesn’t smell and one who doesn’t feel guilty about my habit. Read up on some electronic cigarette review topics today and check out this wonderful new innovation – it’s god’s gift to all smokers!

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