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Electronic Cigarettes-Look tastes and feels like the real thing

Electronic Cigarettes – Experience Saving a substantial amount of money each and every day! An Odor smoke that contains zero percent Tar!

A smoker will only save when making the switch from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette. It is a known fact that electronic cigarettes are less expensive then buying daily packs of traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes range from $5-$15 a pack depending on your geographical location. Electronic
Cigarette cartridges are purchased by a 5-pack cartridge or a 50-pack refill. On top of that an electronic cigarette user can purchase refills for these cartridges rather then wasting money and constantly buying the whole package all over again. We’ve made things easier for you. E-liquid or liquid nicotine is used to refill the electronic cigarette cartridges. This will further increase your savings!! We all know it’s all about saving money and living a happy healthy lifestyleyle.

We have seen a great response from customers who are grateful for the savings due to ever increasing tobacco taxes in their states and countries. So what are you waiting for?
Among different health organizations and researchers there has been a subject of disagreement of the possible benefits or adverse effects of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are scarce due to their recent invention and relatively rapid growth in popularity. Pending legislation and debate in many regions is currently taking place due it laws which are governing the use and sale of e-cigs as well the accompanying nicotine solutions. In New Zealand it is perfectly legal to purchase electronic cigarettes for the laws are not the same as in other countries.

On top of our premium made e-liquid used for the electronic cigarettes, we offer the best hardware which is the most anticipated and functional electronic cigarette model of our time. Our Electronic Cigarettes are known to perform exactly like traditional cigarettes. It feels looks takes like a real cigar or cigarette and delivers all the pleasures of smoking without any long term problems like traditional cigarettes. The secret to what makes electronic cigarettes better than traditional smokes are what are on the inside of the revolutionary new product. This non-flammable cigarette has been created by modern microelectronic technology and a safe replaceable cartridge that contains water, nicotine, propylene glycol and a scent that emulates a tobacco flavour. When using the e-cig the act of inhaling the product produces the craving and tactile the satisfactions which all traditional smokers seek, and triggers a vapour that releases a stimulated smoke that is actual vapour NOT STINKY TAR SMOKE!!!

Why should I Choose an Electronic Cigarette instead of the traditional cigarette?
• Can use the e-cig at anytime, anywhere; these cigarettes are not embarrassing nor are they banned
• Can save you money they cost a lot less than tobacco products.
• With rechargeable batteries and refillable cartages
• Does not contain harmful chemicals yet tastes like tobacco.
• Is odourless; no lingering smell within the home, on clothes or in the car.
• Replicates the behaviour and physical pleasure of smoking a traditional cigarette.
• Doesn’t require ignition, matches or a lighter.
• Won't stain your teeth or cause lifelong damage to your skin.
• No more embarrassment or guilty feelings around non-smokers.
• E-cigs are not offensive to others.
• Satisfies all cravings of nicotine.
• Don’t have to worry about second-hand smoke.

Electronic cigarettes have no tar, no ash, stub or carbon monoxide. E-Cigs let you enjoy and satisfy those cravings without the risk like traditional tobacco products. You can use the E-Cig anywhere without damaging your body or the environment. For Doctors are beginning to recommend the electronic cigarette to help patients in reducing or quitting smoking. We guarantee to provide you with an electronic cigarette that is priced at a discounted rate. You may find E-Cigs at other places but there may be a limited selection or they have not been in business as long as us.

Due to its novelty, the electronic cigarette is receiving mixed reviews from the media, the public, and health advocates. However, the supporters of E-Cigs argue that there is no sufficient evidence to claim that a battery-operated cigarette-look alike is harmful to anyone.
For regular smokers, the idea that they can smoke in public places without being frowned upon for the odour and harm that tobacco emits suggests positive development. Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the electronic device becomes more popular than the real thing. One could look at it that way, or one could say that it is only a matter of time before smokers quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes. We have the proven number on our end and our returning customers who never less highly recommend this product to all their family and friends.

What is the entire buzz about Electronic Cigarettes?
The buzz about this amazing device is out-and-about as well as true. The Electronic Cigarette is taking the United States and the world by storm. Smokers and non-smokers alike are more than excited about how this product for they have seen results of it changing and altering their lives for the better! Whether you yourself are trying to quit smoking or wish that your loved ones would quit, the e-cig is making this more than possible. If you’re one of those who has tried everything possible to quit smoking and ended up back outside the restaurant with “the rest of the smokers,” the electronic cigarette is a must-try-device. We’re here to help you find the best electronic cigarette for you or your loved one.
Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions or concerns about the electronic cigarette. We strive for customer service and excellence and treat all of our customers like they are family. Enjoy and happy safe smoking!
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