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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

A couple of companies have taken a step up in the realm of electronic cigarettes by producing disposable electronic cigarettes to keep up with the weekend smokers who prefer the disposable cigarettes (without the added toxins). We are obviously aware of the health risk that is attached to the inhalation of tobacco and detrimental menthol and ultra-light ingredientsÂ… but, we continue attending to the habit. Why? Cutting the habit out of our lives can be immediate voluntarily but also dangerous to our health involuntarily. Immediately sucking a habit out of our lives can result in a distorted perception and a literal physical illness. Although there are alternatives (the patch or nicotine gum) there is yet another alternative. This standard of breaking the habit will provide smokers with the necessary level of nicotine while replacing the feel of the habit. Disposable electronic cigarettes are fewer in distribution but higher and healthier in puffs; 500 to be exact if we are talking about companies such as, Apollo. That amount of inhalations is equal to two whole packs of traditional cigarettes. The draw out is smooth and flavored, offered at a low price remaining high in quality. Reviews illustrate the preference in disposable electronic cigarettes due to the taste. There isnÂ’t a smell or stain of smoke because it isnÂ’t smoke, merely vapor. The starter kits are fitting for quitters who have recently made an effort in breaking the habit. The amount of nicotine that you choose should fit into your habit of smoking. A heavy smoker can choose a vaporizer with a stronger cartridge and eventually work their way towards a lower level of nicotine.

The look and feel is similar to the standard cigarette while filtering out the toxins. Within the battery operated device the starter’s kit comes with a rechargeable battery and a wall adaptor to recharge your vaporizer. If it’s a quality pack there will be disposable mouth pieces and a generous amount of vapors…but, it may not promise its warranty. The taste of disposable nicotine continues to improve and the price of these continues to remain at an affordable number versus the high price of standard cigarette packs. These defy the laws of non-smoking areas and I mean ANY. Smoke in an airplane or at a wedding and you have the option of confidently defending yourself when they ask you to put the alleged “cigarette” away. Both disposable Blu Cig and Green Smoke are reputable companies in quality and design. Their products are received in a package that costs anywhere from $10-20 versus the electronic package which can cost up to $100. Users found a small problem with the original e-vapors when it comes to quality; the temperature within a vapor component would heat up too quickly, burning the device out and calling for a company refund. At times users would find difficulty with the nicotine juice within the cartridges because the refill of the nicotine didn’t taste the same as the original cartridge. This is where the disposable electronic cigarettes came into play and did so without the need for a refund or warranty, at a lower and convenient price.

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