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What with the growing legal restrictions surrounding smoking in public places, it is becoming more and more difficult for smokers like you and me to be able to light up, relax and enjoy a nice relaxing smoke when we want to. The fact is that smoking is no illegal pretty much everywhere except out in the street or in your own home, hardly an ideal situation for smokers!

So what can smokers do? Luckily, there is an answer. With cheap electronic cigarettes, there is no need to worry about all those new laws that have come to make our lives hell. Instead, we can enjoy these healthy alternatives to regular cigarettes anytime, anywhere, and no one is entitled to tell you to “stub it out!”

Cheap electronic cigarettes, also called smokeless cigarettes, are the latest new innovation to take the smoking world by storm. A small, battery-powered device that looks, tastes and feels just like the real thing – only of course, there is no tobacco involved whatsoever.

Why is that? Because cheap electronic cigarettes are not actually ‘smoked’ in the way normal cigarettes are, even if the experience of puffing on one feels exactly the same as a real cigarette does. Electronic cigarettes contain a nicotine solution instead. This solution is ‘vaporized’ rather than smoked, and what you actually inhale is not smoke but a nicotine-laden water vapor that replicates the taste of tobacco smoke incredibly well.
These cheap electronic cigarettes are really quite ingenious little devices. Instead of relying on combustion, e-cigs contain something called an atomizer which can detect when you inhale on the cigarette and release just the right amount of nicotine you need each time you take a puff.

What’s more, there are dozens of brands and products to choose from, just like there are with regular cigarettes. E-cigs contain refillable cartridges, and these come in many different types of flavors and also in differing degrees of nicotine strength. For example, you can choose from full strength menthol electronic cigarettes, light cherry flavored e-cigs or even nicotine-free apple flavored cigs if you are trying to give up smoking altogether.

They can also help you to save money. As every smoker knows, the cost of regular cigarettes is astronomical these days. Cheap electronic cigarettes don’t break the bank. For just one box of cartridges – the equivalent of 60 cigarettes, they cost just £6.95 – an incredible saving when you think a pack of 20 regular cigarettes costs almost the same thing!

What’s more, cheap electronic cigarettes also come with a lifetime warranty, so you will never have to worry about your new smoking alternative breaking down on you.

Clearly then, electronic cigarettes have a lot to offer to forward-thinking smokers who are either trying to kick the habit altogether, or are just looking for a way around the smoking ban. With its smokeless design making legal constraints a thing of the past, and its cheap price making them easily affordable, the electronic cigarette really is the first true alternative to regular cigarettes.
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