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Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful

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Electronic cigarettes are the latest popular product for quitting that nasty habit known as smoking. Many will wonder if these miraculous cures, electronic cigarettes as harmful as cigarettes themselves. In one study, small amounts of carcinogens similar to those found in cigarettes and other tobacco products were found in the solutions of electronic cigarettes. These amounts were only an extremely small dosage also the levels of nicotine in the cartridges are stronger compared to nicotine patches; which are also used to help individuals quit smoking.

Experts say that the level of nicotine found in nicotine replacement products will not cause significant problems to ones heath. The carcinogens found among other toxins, were also well below levels that could cause any harm.

Other studies have affirmed the above findings, stating that electronic cigarettes can be effective tools for quitting smoking and pose a significantly lower risk to health than regular cigarettes. The levels of carcinogens, in fact, were found to be up to one thousand times less than those in tobacco cigarettes. Continuing to smoke regular cigarettes or other tobacco products poses a far greater health risk than using electronic cigarettes as a nicotine replacement therapy.

As electronic cigarettes use liquid nicotine and water vapor, users will not be exposed to the tobacco and tar that are inhaled when smoking regular cigarettes. This will reduce the posing risks of causing harm to the lungs and other organs. Some of the other chemicals found in electronic cigarettes, however, have been proven to be harmful if inhaled for a long period of time (we mean over 20 yrs) yet they won’t kill you like regular cigarettes. This worries experts because electronic cigarettes have not been proven to actually stop dependence on cigarettes. Many enjoy the taste and smell of regular cigarettes this is why we encourage you to try a flavored vapor to help with adjusting to the e-cig.

A survey of smokers recently showed that the use of electronic cigarettes in the place of regular cigarettes can seemingly reduce the symptoms of smoking, including cough, physical activity capability, and improved sense of taste and smell. There is a great deal of effort to ensure that the makers of these products are completely forth coming about the effects of electronic cigarettes on cigarette dependence and or consumer’s health. This means we will be providing the latest up to date information that is reliable and accurate about electronic cigarettes allowing consumers to be able to make a more informed decision about if they feel electronic cigarettes are harmful.

Logically it seems that if electronic cigarettes are harmful are not used beyond the recommended amount of time (over 20 yrs) then there should be little to no significant health risk. Electronic cigarettes are harmful if they are not used as directed. Customers should also consult a doctor or experts before ultimately deciding to use electronic cigarettes in the hopes of quitting smoking. Feel free to contact us if you feel electronic cigarettes are harmful we guarantee we could assist in helping you change your mind
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