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This is the Nicocig Electronic Cigarette. Please note that the manufacturer has changed the product from "Nicolites" to "Nicocig".

Each Disposable E-cig is equivalent to 25 regular cigarettes.

Best DEAL - get the rechargeable which is equivalent to 50 cigarettes, and then each refill is less than $3 US

Also, free shipping on 10+ disposable pack sizes! Or get a disposable subscription for 30 each month and have 10 shipped every 10 days with FREE shipping! 

What are Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes?

Nicolites are a disposable non-flammable (no smoke) electronic cigarette that gives smokers a healthier alternative compared to ordinary traditional cigarettes. Microelectronic technology allows nicotine to be heated and turned into vapour giving a smoker the proper dosage of nicotine they crave from regular harmful cigarettes. Nicolites last the equivalent of 25 traditional cigarettes and contain no tar, tobacco or any of the other harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarette products. When nicolites are inhaled smokers will experience the same familiar feeling in the back of their throat, along with a taste similar to that of an ordinary cigarette. The nicolite vapour inhaled is odourless and harmless there is no smell that lingers like traditional cigarettes. Most importantly it gives each smoker a real life like experience that is SAFER for their body than traditional cigarettes.

Nicolites and how they work

Nicolites are also known as e-cigs, or electronic cigarettes. They are made up of three components; a cartridge, heating chamber and battery.  E-cigs are powered by the battery and the heating chamber - this heats up the liquid nicotine which is stored within the cartridge.  Nicolites have combined the cartridge and an atomiser to create an effective unit called a “Cartomiser,” which removes all the issues which are associates with rechargeable e-cigs. (For example rechargeable e-cigs are known to have leaking cartridges and burnt out atomisers).

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Nicolites are simple!! The battery generates heat for the nicotine and creates a uniform vapour. Once the vapour runs out within the cigarette this indicates the electronic cigarette is finished and you can dispose or recycle the product. Nicolites are perfectly LEGAL and can be used indoors such as; clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and casinos. Nicolites are perfect for those who work in an office, or are using public transportation.  The Nicolite e-cigarette is the most simplified, easy to use electronic cigarette found within the market.

E-cigs provide smokers with the proper nicotine hit they crave each and every single day. The bonus is that Nicolites contain no carbon monoxide, no tar, and you will avoid the other 4000 chemicals smokers are exposed to every single time you inhale a traditional smoke.  This is why e cigarettes are increasingly becoming more popular because each e-cig copies the same action as smoking a regular cigarette. The whole process is completely harmless to the environment and much healthier for the smoker.

Nicolites work out to be a third cheaper than buying traditional brand cigarettes; not only will the e-cig save you money but you also won’t be at risk of lung cancer and other harmful diseases associated with smoking regular cigarettes!

Common causes of cancer?

Regular saturated tar cigarettes! NOT our Nicolites!!! Even doctors are beginning to recommend Nicolites to their patients!  Only you can be the judge if you find this product rewarding and life changing like other millions all across the world. Feel free to contact us today for more information about Nicolites.


Health Warning:  Nicolites contain Nicotine which is a stimulant and an addictive substance. 

This product does not ship with a tracking number.

Additional Information


16mg electronic cigarette  Buy Nicolites 1 Disposable - $8.60
Pack Sizes Strength Price Cart
Buy Nicolites 1 Disposable 16mg Unavailable
10 Disposables 16mg Unavailable
2 Rechargeable Cigs 16mg Unavailable
3 Refills 16mg Unavailable
3 Refills 11mg Unavailable
3 Refills 6mg Unavailable
1 Disposable menthol 16mg Unavailable
3 Refills menthol 16mg Unavailable
1 Disposable menthol 11mg Unavailable
3 Refills menthol 11mg Unavailable
3 Refills menthol 6mg Unavailable
1 Disposable 11mg Unavailable
10 Disposables 16mg menthol Unavailable
9 Refills 16mg Unavailable
9 Refills 11mg Unavailable
9 Refills 6mg Unavailable
9 Refills 16mg menthol Unavailable
9 Refills 11mg menthol Unavailable
9 Refills 6mg menthol Unavailable
30 Refills (10x3) 16mg Unavailable

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

Nicolites Reviews

Overall rating:
  • 2014-05-21 00:25:39 EST
  • 2014-04-13 20:52:50 EST
    I totally agree. I have been on nicolites for 3 years and i think they are the best e-cigs in the market. The taste is very close to a real cigarette and the battery life is amazing. I fully recommend it.
  • 2013-05-29 21:48:05 EST
    These are great. I started with the high strength and now have worked my way down to the low. I am using it a lot less now as well. A great way to give up, would recommend anyone to try these. I haven't smoked a real cigarette now in one month.
  • 2011-10-22 16:00:07 EST
    After my father tried his first one, he never picked up a regular cigarette. Great idea, and great product.
  • 2011-07-20 21:19:47 EST
    I just received my first one last week... I am officially off of cigarettes! I love this product... I tried the other ones and they tasted terrible and one of them broke right away. I will definitely order again
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