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Pred Forte - prednisolone acetate - 1% - 10ML Bottle Pred Forte Eye Drops/​Pred Forte prednisolone acetate Brand United Kingdom 1% 10ML Bottle DR $23.66 Add
Pred Forte - prednisolone acetate - 1% - 3 x 10ML Bottles Pred Forte Eye Drops/​Pred Forte prednisolone acetate Brand United Kingdom 1% 3 x 10ML Bottles DR $57.82 Add
Pred Forte - prednisolone acetate - 1% - 10ML Bottle x 10 Pred Forte Eye Drops/​Pred Forte prednisolone acetate Brand United Kingdom 1% 10ML Bottle x 10 DR $162.96 Add

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Pred Forte Eye Drops

Pred Forte Eye Drops are used in the treatment of certain inflammations and injuries of the eye. In addition to relieving swelling, itching, and redness, Pred Forte also relieves pain. It belongs to the corticosteroid class of drugs.

What is Pred Forte Eye Drops?

The medication Pred Forte belongs to a class of drugs known as prednisolones. Adults who suffer from eye inflammation can use Pred Forte for short-term treatment.

Benefits of Pred Forte Eye Drops?

It reduces eye inflammation, irritation, redness, burning, and swelling caused by allergy, heat, chemicals, radiation, allergy, or foreign object.

How to use Pred Forte Suspension, Drops.

Patients must take out contact lenses before using this medicine unless a doctor says it's okay to keep them on.

There is a possibility that contact lenses will absorb the preservative in this product. Therefore, after using the eye drop, patients should allow at least 15 minutes before putting the contacts back.

It is imperative to follow the manufacturer's directions when sterilizing contact lenses and consult a doctor before putting them back.

The washing of hands is mandatory before applying eye drops. Before using Pred Forte in suspension form, the patient must shake the bottle well. The dropper tip must be kept away from contact with the eyes and other surfaces to prevent contamination.

The person using the eye drops should pull their lower eyelid down and tilt their head back so that they are looking at the ceiling. They should then put one drop into the eyelid pouch while holding the dropper over their eye. The dropper tip shouldn't touch the eyes or anything else to avoid eye injury and contamination.

Following the application, the patient must close their eye and spend one to two minutes looking downward. They can gently press the corner of the eye using a finger—this helps to stop the medication from leaking out.

Patients should avoid blinking or rubbing their eyes. The process should be repeated for the other eye if the prescription says to use it on both eyes.

After applying the medication, the cap should be replaced and sealed tight.

Pred Forte Eye Drops Speed of Action

Relief from eye irritation, redness, and inflammation is typically a few days after applying.  Patients may be asked to get an eye examination if no relief is achieved within ten days. The doctor may adjust the dosage or change the prescription altogether.

List of Pred Forte eye drop alternatives

It is imperative to apply the eye drops correctly. The patient's doctor will answer any questions they may have.

The doctor will determine the right frequency of use per the patient's condition. Eye medications (such as drops or ointments) shouldn't be applied more than once in ten minutes.


The medical condition of the patient and their response to treatment will determine the dosage and duration of the Pred Forte Eye Drops treatment. One should take this medication only as prescribed and not exceed the recommended dosage or duration.

The full prescribed timeframe for using Pred Forte Eye Drops should be followed. Patients must consult their doctor if they want to stop taking the medication. If the drug is suddenly stopped, some eye conditions may worsen. The typical right approach is to decrease the dosage gradually.

Pred Forte Eye Drops Side Effects

It is uncommon for Pred Forte to cause side effects, but when they occur, they include:

  • Irritation or itching sensations after applying the medication

  • Cloudy vision for a short period
  • More light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision (visual disturbance),
  • Allergies

Cleansing Eye Wipes can help remove debris and other things that cause eye irritation.

Pred Forte Contraindications

Patients should not take Pred Forte if they:

  • Are allergic to the prednisolone acetate or even benzalkonium chloride
  • Have an infection of the eye caused by a virus, fungus, or bacteria
  • Have a corneal ulcer or injury
  • Have previous herpes simplex infections

Pred Forte Interactions

When getting a Pred Forte prescription, one should tell their doctor if they are taking any other medications or have recently taken any other medications, including OTC medicines.

The effects of PRED FORTE may be increased or reduced (both cases are risky) with other medications. Doctors will especially watch the patient closely if they use the eye drops alongside certain HIV medications.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding women must ask their doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine. Steroids can be harmful to infants.

There is also a risk of temporary blurred vision with Pred Forte. Until the side effects have cleared, patients should not drive or operate machinery.

Pred Forte Storage

Don't store it above 25 degrees Celsius or in freezing conditions. Pred Forte should not be used if contaminated (if it turns black). Infections, severe eye damage, and loss of vision are possible risks of using contaminated eye medication.

Pred Forte storage Shelf life

  • Two years if it stays unopened for two years
  • 28 days from when it is first opened

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