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Reliable New Zealand Pharmacies Online

The one thing many first-time shoppers ask first when it comes to online pharmacies is: Can they be trusted? In spite of the e-commerce boom during the early 21st century, which gave birth to millions of e-stores all around the world, people are still wary about online stores. And when it comes to e-drugstores, this worry is not groundless! Just as we are careful about the pharmacies we buy our drugs from, we are also careful about the electronic outfits that sell drugs to us. So you've heard that the drugs you need are far less expensive in New Zealand than in your native country. Like any first-time e-buyer would, you would ask yourself first of all: Are all online New Zealand pharmacies reliable?

The common answer is: of course not. Not all online drugstores are reliable, not even online New Zealand pharmacies. Malicious individuals or groups may set up an online store claiming to be New Zealand-based, but are not in New Zealand at all - or perhaps they are indeed located in NZ, but they do not provide any contact information that will allow them to be traced, making it hard to come after them if and when problems arise with your transactions.

This is why it is important to find only reliable online pharmacies, no matter where they are based, or where they claim to be based. Some outfits that declare themselves to be online pharmacies may not have real medicine in stock, and you run the risk of receiving faulty medicines, the wrong medications, or even deceptively well-crafted placebos, in exchange for your hard-earned money. And in some cases, you may not receive any medicine at all.

A good customer support system is usually a sign of good service. Not having any contact information on the website is not at all a sign of reliability. If you are a first-time buyer and don't know your way around, you should also be able to get friendly and helpful assistance from the site's staff.

But most important, you should look for accreditation. Even online pharmacies must be accredited, otherwise it is reasonable for their clientele to treat them as suspicious. Search through the websites of pharmaceutical organizations in New Zealand for information on the online drugstore you intend you buy from. If you cannot find the drugstore's name in an updated list of certified online pharmacies, it is probably best to bring your business elsewhere.

Why do scammers like to use New Zealand as a base? Well, for one thing, many over-the-counter (OTC) medications are not as easy to acquire elsewhere, as it is in New Zealand. Online pharmacies must abide by New Zealand law, so they may be able to dispense drugs like Flonase Nasal, Allegra and Claratin without a prescription, although prescriptions may be required by e-drugstores based in other countries. In fact, online pharmacies may often ask for your prescription, insurance information, etc, so be sure to have them handy.

Sometimes, your chosen online pharmacy may not be able to serve you well, but not because it intends to run away with your money. Certain technicalities may prevent your order from pushing through. Before making your purchase, you may wish to look through the site's terms and conditions to be sure if:

1) your chosen e-drugstore accepts orders from your country, and

2) your chosen online pharmacy delivers to your exact location.

Reading through the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page carefully would inform you of what restrictions apply to international orders.

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